On Being 30, or Reasons I Am Too Old To Live In A Sharehouse

*Disclaimer: I adore my housemates. They are wonderful people and dear friends. This list is merely an observation in the ways I have changed.

  1. More than anything, I despise sharing a bathroom. I am cursed with a shy bladder and, although it has adapted to survive, it certainly makes for an uncomfortable living situation. Especially when there is no lock on the bathroom door.
  2. I am a light sleeper. I fear that I may be turning into my father, who values sleep more than almost anything in this world. I, too, become irrationally angry when awoken against my will by other humans, even ones I love.
  3. I am not 19 anymore. In fact, I am closer to 40 than I am to 19. Yeah. Let that sink in.
  4. There is always someone home. I enjoy being social, but as I have gotten older, and worked in a job constantly surrounded by people, I have come to value my alone time. Your home should be your oasis. Your sanctuary. Your haven where you recharge your batteries for the next inevitable social encounter.
  5. I really really like to control the A.C.
  6. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I value silence at home. Especially when it comes to animals. I abhor creatures being in my space and making unnecessary, constant noise.
  7. Cleaning someone’s dishes before you cook your dinner should not ever be a thing. And yet here we are. I don’t enjoy cooking, even when the dishes are already clean, so adding this extra step is a really good excuse to uber eats that ish.
  8. Getting to know someone while simultaneously living with them is a strange concept. Not an inherently bad one, just a bit more unconventional than a normal friendship.
  9. It really just boils down to the fact that I’m an old fogey set in my ways.
  10. I just really really like things exactly the way I like them.

Even In Australia


I have been in Australia for six weeks.

Some days it feels like six days, and others like six years.

Today is one of those days. Actually, it’s one of those weeks. Ok fine, two weeks.

I’m in a bit of a funk.

I did so much preparation before I left. Through the work of therapy, self-love, and time spent with family I left feeling stronger than ever before. Both mentally and emotionally. I knew that the transition would not always feel easy. Change has never been my strong suit. I knew there would be good days, as well as hard ones. What I was not expecting was to feel this lonely six weeks in.

To be completely honest, my anxiety is higher than it has been in over a year. The only thing keeping me from crying in the bathroom at work is my anti-depressant. (You win some, you lose some am I right?) I find myself questioning why I chose to move so far away from every person I know on this Earth, and just why did I have to dream so big? New experiences can be cathartic and exciting, but most days I crave familiarity. This isn’t what I thought it would be.


Despite my loneliness, I have enough self-awareness to realize that this is the make-or-break moment. This is the stretch of time where I can give up and go home, or stick it out to see what lies around the corner. By all accounts, I am living my dream. My job is wonderful, and I get to work with incredible children every single day; I am slowly making friends and moving into a house this weekend; I can navigate this city’s transportation with more confidence than three weeks ago. I see the light, even in the darkness, and I am desperately clinging to it.

You really can choose joy. And as I have always said (and told anyone who would listen, especially when jumping into Barton Springs pool) you can get through ANYTHING with deep breathing. So that’s what I’ll do.

Because some days are like that. Even in Australia.

The Next Right Thing

One year ago, I decided to step away from everything I knew. I left friends, my career, and the state I loved. I came back home with the intention of getting healthy both mentally and physically. I knew that it would be hard to leave and hard to be back, but what I wasn’t expecting was to be sitting here a year later fully acknowledging how much I have grown.

Earlier this year I decided to pursue a life-long dream and move to Australia. Since making that decision, things have been falling into place. Sometimes that’s all it takes: just deciding; taking A step in A direction, no matter what it is. Simply doing the next right thing is all that is required of us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from easy, but it is worth it.

When I left Texas, I knew it was a risk to walk away from my dream job, knowing I may never do it again. But I also knew that what I would be gaining was myself. Over the last year I have regained my confidence, built my self-esteem back up, and surrounded myself with loved ones who won’t let me isolate.

With all that being said, I am happy to announce that along with moving to Australia, I have accepted a job as a Child Life Specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Stepping out in faith to pursue the next right thing has been opening doors that I never dreamed were possible. I am ecstatic to embark on this grand adventure, and to see what will come of it.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that you don’t have to have it all figured out today. Maybe the first step is just sitting quietly to figure out the next right thing. I don’t know what that looks like for you, but I am praying that the Lord reveals it. Because He will. He is good all the time, and is ever faithful.

It’s such a relief when you decide not to let fear rule your life. Am I thrilled to be going? Absolutely. Am I terrified? You bet! But am I doing it anyway? Hell yes.

Dallas Gals (Gallas?)

I am a firm believer that you do not have to travel internationally in order to blog about your experience. All travel is wonderful and exciting, regardless of the destination.

Last weekend I made my way back to Texas for Galentine’s Day with my bestie, Liza. This is an annual tradition of ours, and this year was the sixth celebration!

The weekend was full of fun girl time and delicious Texas food. As you can see, Liza is a cat mama and has two sweet fur babies that I love to snuggle with any chance I get. We did a lot of fun things, but honestly this photo below best encapsulates our weekend.

Just a couple of kittens!

If you get the chance to visit Dallas, there are a few musts. The first obviously being Whataburger. I could tell you that I didn’t eat there every day of my trip, but I learned from Harry Potter that I mustn’t tell lies.

(That spicy ketchup though 🙌🏻 10/10 every time.)

Another fun activity is visiting downtown McKinney. It has the quaintness and charm of a small Texas town, but also has incredible local restaurants, coffee, and boutiques.

We got cupcakes from Sprinkles, and ate brunch at The Rustic-a favorite spot!

Are you sensing a theme here? No one can lose weight in Texas, and honestly why would you want to? The food is a love language, and you are being blessed to speak it.

For as many times as I have gotten trapped overnight in Dallas, the city has never lost its charm. Each time I visit, I discover a new part of town that I fall in love with. Food, shopping, tattoos, movies-what’s not to love?

Until next time, #TexasForever 💙💛

It’s All Happening

So here’s the thing.

On my half birthday I made a decision. I took a step forward.

With six months left in my twenties, I applied for my visa to move to Australia.

It’s been my dream for over half of my life. This is it. This is the year. It’s time.

Fast forward a few days, and I am sitting on a plane waiting to travel to Dallas for Galentines. I check my email and there it is. The good news I was hoping for.

My visa has been approved.

I move in six months.

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

I have notoriously bad travel luck.

It’s true.

I know they always tell you to “expect the unexpected” and “plan for everything”, but some things when traveling simply cannot be foreseen.

There was the time over the holidays in 2007 I tried to fly to Europe with an expired passport. I will admit, this one is on me. However, at the time I thought passports were good for years, and failed to notice the stipulations when you get your first one under the age of sixteen. Cut to me flying to D.C. with a letter from my local Senator which got my passport expedited in record time. I still made it to Paris in time for the New Year’s eve festivities! (See photo below.) Also camera phones weren’t a thing back then. Don’t come @ me.

In 2017, I signed up for a trip to Haiti through my church. Living fifteen minutes from the airport, I allowed myself two hours to arrive. The traffic was unusually heavy, even for Austin during rush hour. Minutes later I learned that a semi had overturned and shut the interstate down. At this point, the clock was ticking and I was panicking. Fellow highway passengers had abandoned their cars and were running the last miles, luggage in tow, in an attempt to catch their flight. I am completely serious when I say that I made it to the airport with ONE MINUTE to spare. ONE. My trip leader had spoken with a gate agent and I made it to my terminal quickly. What I can say now that I am on the other side of that stressful night, is that it was all worth it to meet these dear hearts. (See picture below.)

During my time spent in Texas, I lost count of the times I was flying to/from home and got stuck overnight in Dallas. Once from a flood, once from lightening, once from a missed flight after sitting on the tarmac, and another from a faulty engine. Spending the night in the Dallas Love airport was not on my bucket list, or the list of things I had planned that day. It did, however, provide me with a unique moment to adjust my attitude. (See photo below.)

My point to this post is that things happen that are completely unforeseen and out of our control when traveling this glorious globe. I have begun to realize that is part of the fun. The unknown. The not being in control. I am a control freak, so traveling has taught me to loosen my grip and let go. Because you know what? I look back on all of these stressful experiences and laugh. They have become great stories and even better memories. And ultimately I made it to my destination. We always do, don’t we? It may not be the way we saw it going in our heads, but the universe has a way of making us slow down and take the long way around.

Nothing when traveling is ever as bad as it seems. So take your time and enjoy the journey, as cliché as that sounds.

Inhale. Exhale.

We will get there when we get there.


“So I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings.” -Nick Frederickson

This could not be more true for my outlook on this year. 2018 is a big year, bringing about much needed change. Can’t you feel it in the air?

I have decided to pursue myself this year. I will say yes to myself. Yes to what makes me come alive. I am thrilled to take this journey. My heart is open to where it will lead.